Jasmine TomlinsonAugust 7th

There's a chill in the air, rumours are spreading and Netflix bingers are cuddling up to find out what's going on in the world of crime-fiction...

What was meant to be a close-ended series, has now unleashed the news of a third season after insane bursts of popularity and nominations for two golden globes in 2018 - it's understandable why many fans are still raving about The Sinner.

Based on German writer Petra Hammesfahr’s international bestseller, The Sinner, the series, (which premiered on USA Network), has brought mystery and crime-fiction lovers together to join detective Harry Ambrose's disturbing yet intriguing cases of murder and troubled minds.


With each season following the much more interesting story of 'why did the killer do it' rather than 'whodunnit', we've delved into the private hell of a quiet, unsuspecting wife who violently and publicly stabbed a stranger using a knife used for peeling apples, and seen into the mind of a young boy who was suddenly accused of killing his own parents. We can only imagine what's in store for us next.

From hints and spilled secrets, we can expect a mysterious exploration of a tragic car accident on the outskirts of Dorchester, in upstate New York, bringing us the 'most dangerous and disturbing case' of Harry Ambrose's career, says Variety. Original cast member Bill Pullman, American Horror Story‘s Matt Bomer and Sharp Object‘s Chris Messina are all joining forces to breathe life into the most anticipated show of the season.


Although co-producer and starring actress from season one, Jessica Biel, has kept very quiet about what may happen, fans deeply hope she'll make a return as the scene-stealing Cora Tannetti, due to her much missed presence shown through mixed reviews of season two.

Despite a change in scheduling due to USA Network's Mr. Robot and Suits coming to an end, The Sinner has proven itself to be one of the most popular and streamed exports, and a fourth season may even be upon us if the critical acclaim and praise continues.

There are some warnings of bloody, graphic violence and nudity within this show, so just prepare yourself and make sure to get a good night's sleep before you sink into the spooky revelations of Harry's next case...

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