Eric BlairOctober 1st

As the weather continues to be pretty grim, we could have the perfect accessory for those pooches who simply don’t like getting wet…

If you do happen to be the owner of a dog who doesn’t really enjoy those wet-walkies, this innovative new product could be just what you’re looking for to bring a little more joy to your buddy’s daily trot. 

Introducing the dog umbrella! It seems there are a few on the market, but this particular version is available from the clever people at and costs £11.40 (plus an extra £2.50 for UK tracked delivery).

Dog Umbrella

It’s basically an upside down brolly with a hook that attaches to your dog's regular lead, keeping them as dry as a bone. Hey, someone had to think of it, right?!

As mentioned, there are quite a few similar versions available online including the HappyLife Pet Umbrella which you can pick up on Amazon for £5.25, or the Pet Umbrella from for just £5.

Not only will it mean your dog can enjoy the same comforts as you as you roam around the park on a rainy afternoon - you’ll also save yourself the hassle of having to dry them down with a stinky old towel post-walk. It really is a win-win!

If, for some reason, you feel like a dog umbrella may be a little bit too extra, then you could maybe consider making a fashion statement on your rainy day dog walks instead. 

Thanks to an awesome new collaboration between Joules and Rosewood Pet products, you can now up your combined sartorial game and twin your rain gear with your doggo.

The new pet collection will primarily be made up of Joules' iconic floral, coastal and heritage styles, meaning you and your pooch can co-ordinate ensembles, making sure you turn heads when you’re down the park in the drizzle.

And as well as a whole host of doggy delights including beds, collars, toys, leads and accessories, the range also features mini coats for your pups in the same style as their most popular products.

Discussing the collection, Josie Will, Joules' Licensing Manager said: "We're delighted to have partnered with Rosewood Pet Products to further our lifestyle offering, bringing our customers and their furry friends the collection they've been waiting for!

"Rosewood's expertise coupled with Joules' stand-out designs and unique prints, have created the ultimate must-have collection.”


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