Eric BlairAugust 9th

Fans of a filter, we could have this year’s winner - and lord knows we need something good to come out of 2020…

Always good for a laugh, whether it’s turning kids into OAPs or swapping faces with your best friend, there’s no denying that Snapchat filters have provided us with some absolute comedy gold over the years. 

Well, now we have another addition to the selection - and the best part is, you don’t even need to try this one out on your own mug - this one is all about your dog.

People have been going wild for the new filter that a - for want of a better word - ‘Disneyfies’ your pet, making them look even more adorable than they already are in the process.

The epic new Snapchat feature was posted by one dog owner to the Dogspotting Society Facebook group, writing: "For those that don't know... Snapchat has a new filter and it basically Disneyfies your dog. YOU ARE WELCOME. Plz post your Disney dawgs here."

Needless to say, the post was an instant success, and has now gained over 16k likes and 6k comments at the time of writing. 

And as you can imagine, a scroll through people’s submissions does not disappoint:

Unfortunately, there was one doggo that didn't quite manage to nail the filter, with its owner sharing their efforts and saying sarcastically: "He looks just like a prince now from Disney.”

Simply adorable! 

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