Ben HaywardMarch 19th

It seems like we could all use a bit of positive news right about now doesn’t it?

Well, we may have just the thing for you! Amid the confusion of everything that’s going on at the moment, three women have decided that, rather than spend self-isolation by themselves, they're going to move in together! Amazing.

As it seems more and more likely that the UK government will instruct people over the age of 70 as well as other people deemed to be at particular risk from Covid-19, to bunker down to keep themselves as safe as possible, three lifelong mates from the north of England, Doreen, Dotty and Carol, have decided it will be much more fun for them to quarantine together!


The trio are all in their 70s and have known each other for over 40 years.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Doreen said: "We'll have a week in our own homes in self-isolation and if we're still fit and well then we would decide which house to go and live in.”

But whose home will it be? Well, the ladies told presenter Jayne McGubbin that all their houses are actually of a similar size and number of rooms - although each of their places had something different to offer.

Dotty and Carol say they both have nice gardens where the three of them could exercise, relax and take in some fresh air, whereas Doreen has Netflix and was quite excited at the prospect of binge watching The Crown with her best buds!

The three of them joked that they'll definitely be stocking on wine before they lock themselves down, adding that they’ve been friends for so long that it would be strange they weren't there for each other during the pandemic.

They said: "We've seen each other through divorces and loss - we go on holiday together, we look after each other.

"We feel sorry for those who are going to be out of work. The cafes are closing, the theatres - we should have been at the theatre on Friday. What's going to happen to these people?"


Speaking to Sky News, the UK’s Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, said he appreciated the new potential new measure would be 'a very big ask of the elderly and vulnerable', but said 'it is for their own protection'.

Asked whether or not the advice would be in place for four months, as reported, Hancock said: "We'll be setting it out with more detail when it is the right time to do so."

Hancock explained the move had not yet been implemented because the length of time required is 'very long'.

Stay safe everyone!

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