Eric BlairJune 17th

Of all the potentially dangerous - and occasionally deadly - creatures that live in Australia, who would’ve thought it would be a humble fox that would make the news… 

Well, after separate brushes with a fox, three University of New South Wales students have ended up in hospital after the animal, let’s say, rejected their advances. 

According to local sources, each ill-fated attempt to befriend the animal on the university campus in Sydney resulted in them being bitten and subsequently requiring a tetanus shot at the Prince of Wales Hospital.


Each individual incident appears to have happened on the same night over the weekend leading people to believe that the same fox - now named Frankie by social media - was responsible.

One of the ‘victims’, Kevin Wang, posted his encounter with the fox on social media, showing the creature slowly approaching him while looking pretty friendly and curious. 

However, all was not as it seemed… As Kevin reached out to try and stroke the fox, it took a sniff and then bit his hand.

Liz Willer, a 20-year-old computer engineering student, wrote about her encounter with a fox a little later on a UNSW Facebook page.

She said: "Silly me, [I] did pat him for a bit. Then he chomped me when I pulled away my hand...I have since been informed you shouldn't pat a fox."

When Liz arrived at hospital, she reportedly met another student who had also been bitten by a fox. The unnamed man said he sat next to the fox, thinking it was a cat and tried to stroke it.

Although none of the bites required stitches, the unlucky lot did have to pay AUD $300 (£165) each for a tetanus injection.


Speaking to UNSW campus newspaper, The Newsworthy, Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue volunteer Lara Schilling said foxes should be avoided as in some cases they can get aggressive when provoked. 

"Foxes generally avoid humans in the wild, but urban foxes have this badass kind of curiosity streak, so they might come up to sniff someone and they can bite," she said.

"They're sneaky little jerks sometimes but it's part of their quirks."

UNSW campus authorities on now trying to hunt down the fox and have it removed.

I mean, it’s not the fox’s fault is it?

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