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If there was ever a time to get the essentials in, it's now. I don't mean food though - forget food, hopefully by now you've got enough. I'm talking the real essentials.

Quarantine and chill just ain't cutting it anymore and you're wondering how else you can entertain yourself without breaking the bank.


Well here are our top 10 buys under £20.

1 - Herb Garden


So you've panic bought all your food (don't lie and say you haven't), but you've just got the essentials. Now you're realising the essentials are pretty bland and tasteless.

Well this herb garden that costs just £14.97 and could spruce up any pasta dish, adding a little flavour to your meal.

2 - Positive Motivational Stress Balls 


As I'm sure we've all figured out by now, sitting inside all day and working is tough on your mental health and sometimes you just wanna scream. Well, it turns out screaming isn't socially acceptable so why not get some stress balls.

We've found stress balls with motivational words on them so you can squeeze the stress away and try to inhale some positivity.

If you want to get your hands on these they cost just £9.99. Worth every penny if you ask me... and probably your housemate.

3 - Yoga Mat


If there was ever a time to get a hobby it's now. So why not make it yoga?

Yoga is proven to be good for your posture, strength and even your mental health which could be weakened by staying inside for hours on end.

Start by getting this yoga mat for that £14.99. You can even choose which colour you want.

4 - Cards Against Humanity


If there was ever a time to stock up on some games, it's now. So why not get ones that make you laugh? Even if it is a little bit naughty.

Cards Against Humanity is not one for all the family, but you can buy it from Amazon for £19.99. A small price to pay for the laughs and memories you'll make while playing.

5 - Bath Bombs


If you complain about not having enough time to take a bath, you've got all the time in the world now hun.

So why not treat yourself to a collection of bath bombs to try out?

With this set from Amazon - costing just £11.89 - you can get 12 bath bombs all with different scents. Go on, treat yourself!

6- Burrito blanket


We need to stay warm, why not stay warm while looking like a burrito?

Can you believe this legendary blanket only costs £14.29. Unbelievable Jeff.

7 - Yankee Candle


Because you can't be wrapped up in a burrito blanket without a nice candle.

We've selected the linen scent as we thought you'd be wanting your relaxation sesh as fre$h as possible, seeing as though you've probably been in your pyjamas for four days straight... gross.

This one will set you back just £14.99.

8 - Disco light


Going out out is soooooo lame nowadays. So bring the party to you with this disco light. It's even sound activated. We can hardly belive it's only £9.99.

You can even have it as one block colour for your mood.

9 - Digital alarm clock


It's easy to forget what time it is when you're stuck staring at the same four walls.

For £9.99 you can save your sanity. You can even set timers on it too, which could be perfect for your home workouts!

10 - Cat glass tea mug cup


Okay, now we've officially lost the plot. This may not be essential but at least it will make you feel cute and warm and fuzzy inside while drinking copious amounts of tea.

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