Ben HaywardMarch 18th

Well, it’s happening guys.

As more and more universities and colleges scale down their on campus operations due to the coronavirus outbreak, students are being told to stay at home to try and complete their studies.

We wish we had an answer for you about how this is going to turn out, but at the moment it seems that the simple truth is no one really knows what the next few weeks and months have in store for us.


However, what we do know is that it’s going to be tough. That means we all have to take the responsibility of doing what we can for everyone - especially those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

In that spirit, here at TOTUM we promise to do our very best to provide you with accurate up-to-date information about the COVID-19 epidemic without scare-mongering, but without sugar-coating anything either - we believe that everyone is big enough and smart enough to make the right decisions for themselves!

But as well as that, we’d like TOTUM to continue to be a hub for our community of members. We want to be a place people can look to for advice and news, but also as a refuge from everything that’s going on, so we’ll still be trying to put a smile on your face throughout!


In order to keep everyone as safe as possible - and also to keep on doing what we do - TOTUM has taken the decision that all employees will work from home until told otherwise - so we know how it feels… 

We’re also working very closely with all our brands to adapt our offers so they can reflect the new ways of working and studying - and the unexpected challenges that come with it!  

As the situation changes on a daily basis, at the moment it’s difficult to provide the official advice without it being instantly out of date, but Universities UK is working with the government and health authorities to distribute appropriate guidance to universities.

You can see the advice from Universities UK here.

But of course it’s best to regularly check your own university’s advice on what you should be doing personally.


So remember; be kind, be considerate, be safe, be mindful, be understanding and, in the words of Eric Effiong: “Wash your hands you detty pig!”

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