Laura RoganJuly 9th

It's already been a pretty eventful week, but Love Island producers are shaking it up even further by sending in two new Islanders... (In the words of Iain Stirling) TONIGHT!

Just last night we saw the unsurprising departure of Danny and Jourdan who were given the boot by the public and titled the least favourite couple, before being left on the cliffhanger that Amy and Curtis and Lucie and George's futures in the villa would be left in the hands of their fellow islanders.

Just last night, it was confirmed that Amy had decided to leave the villa of her own accord, following her split with Curtis, which has lead to a ton of speculation on social media by fans who have branded the show 'a fix' after assuming Lucie and George will be the next couple put on the bus to Palma de Mallorca airport.


It's a lot to take in, I know.

But in true 'Love Island' style, the producers are ready to move on to the next drama with a new pair of Islanders, Chris and Francesca, ready and raring to enter the villa this evening.


Their arrival is confirmed by Tommy, who 'got a text' saying: "One more couple will be dumped, the other couple will remain in the villa. “The couple which stays and couple that is dumped will be decided by your fellow Islanders.”



Fans believe the pair will be the perfect storm for Maura, Curtis, Ovie, Amber - the most popular, single picks of the villa right now - but with all the fickleness of this season who knows where this will go!

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