Ben Hayward December 22nd

Back in April, you may remember a certain adorable photo of two recently widowed penguins sharing a moment while they gazed at the Melbourne skyline.

After melting hearts around the world, that very photo has just won the Oceanographic magazine's Ocean Photograph Awards 2020!

Photographer Tobias Baumgaertner won the Community Choice Awards after he captured the special moment in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda last year.

When Tobias posted it on his own Instagram page in March, he provided some of the heartbreaking detail behind the image, explaining that the two penguins had both recently lost their respective partners.

Tobias wrote: "During times like this the truly lucky ones are those that can be with the person/people they love most. I captured this moment about a year ago.

"These two Fairy penguins poised upon a rock overlooking the Melbourne skyline were standing there for hours, flipper in flipper, watching the sparkling lights of the skyline and ocean.

"A volunteer approached me and told me that the white one was an elderly lady who had lost her partner and apparently so did the younger male to the left. Since then they meet regularly comforting each other and standing together for hours watching the dancing lights of the nearby city.”

According to Tobias he spent three full nights with the penguin colony until he was able to get this picture. 

He continued: “Between not being able or allowed to use any lights and the tiny penguins continuously moving, rubbing their flippers on each other's backs and cleaning one another, it was really hard to get a shot but I got lucky during one beautiful moment. I hope you enjoy this moment as much as I did.”

And it seems that people really are, with the image hitting over 140,000 likes on Twitter at the time of writing.

The original poster wrote: "Couldn't stop thinking about these penguins enjoying the Melbourne skyline together so I found the original photographer and apparently they're BOTH WIDOWED I can't handle it."

Someone else commented: "Wasn't planning on crying tonight, but thanks."

Check out Tobias' Instagram page to see his amazing wildlife and nature photos which are available as prints if you send him a direct message or email.

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