Abigail MeadowOctober 6th

20 universities in the UK have struck a deal to buy renewable energy directly from British windfarms for the first time.

The £50 million deal is known as a PPA (power purchase agreement) and is the first time public sector energy users have teamed together to buy clean electricity.

The agreement was reached by deal brokers at The Energy Consortium and Squeaky Clean Energy to fix the price of renewable energy.


The universities involved will receieve clean energy from windfarm owner Statkraft, a Norwegian energy giant, which will issue certificates matching the output of the windfarms.

The clean energy deal will supply eletricity across Scotland and Wales to universities such as Exeter and Newcastle.

The managing director of The Energy Consortium, Richard Murphy, said the groundbreaking deal would help university save money by reaching the power purchase market for the first time and reduce their carbon emissions.


Murphy said that collaborative energy purchase deals mean that small institutions are now “able to navigate a previously inaccessible market”.

He said: “The combined challenge facing the wider public sector is to secure reduced carbon emissions whilst saving money and I am delighted that these universities have secured both.”


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