Ben HaywardNovember 5th

University students have posted a series of heartbreaking responses to being told that they must continue to attend in-person lectures - despite the national lockdown. 

Students from the University of Lincoln were informed via Facebook that face-to-face teaching would be continuing at the institution throughout lockdown. 

The UCU (Universities and College Union) Lincoln posted a screenshot of the university’s announcement to Twitter alongside a number of responses from students who feel severely let down.

UCU Lincoln wrote: “After University of Lincoln announced on Facebook the continuation of face-to-face teaching throughout #Lockdown2UK, many distressed students left some heartbreaking comments. Our students, especially those who are vulnerable or forced to commute, deserve better #MoveOnlineNow."

One student wrote: “So I’m stuck here at uni and can’t go home for lockdown - all for the 7 hours of f2f teaching I’m gonna get over the next 4 weeks ... why isn’t everything just going online , everything practically is already? 

“Cant believe it ! I just want to go home so I can spend lockdown with my family, I wish they’d give students a choice they clearly don’t care about us no chance we’re gonna get deducted tuition fees either unfortunately “

Another wrote: “For a university which prides itself on student experience, it’s not listening to what its students are saying and quite clearly don’t care about our wellbeing. All i want is to go home so that I can concentrate on my studies without being worried!

A number of students highlighted the fact that they are being expected to commute long distances on public transport, for a very short amount of teaching time. 

“It’s really ridiculous. I’m meant to [come] for a 50 mins face to face for a 4 hour journey!? it’s so unfair why can’t the uni just move it all online,” said someone.

“If I have 9ams I can’t even get there due to the reduced timetabled train service which means I have to either get to uni late for my session or then travel the day before it’s ridiculous, if only university gave students the choice.”

While another echoed their issues: “I’ve had the same problem. I travel by train for an hour to Lincoln. They don't think about the possibilities of us getting covid from travelling and having to work around busy times on trains. 

“It's so sh*t. I'm probably just gonna refuse to come in even if they don't give me any support with my circumstances. It's a joke. Why should we put ourselves more at risk when we can study online?”

So far, the only response from the University of Lincoln to the comments on Facebook seems to be: “Students are able to travel for educational purposes. Please refer to our FAQs page on our website that features more information relating to students travelling for study. We hope this helps."

If you or anyone you know is being affected by these issues, UCU Lincoln has advised that you can write directly to the Vice-Chancellor Mary Stuart to express your concerns.

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