Ben HaywardJanuary 29th

As the gravity of the situation we find ourselves in as a planet comes ever more sharply into focus, it’s more important than ever that we all do our bit to apply as much pressure as possible to those who are positioned to influence change. 

So, this year, TOTUM’s new charity partner is Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK).

SOS-UK is the NUS’ fantastic new sustainability charity. Set up to allow the student organisation to go further and faster with its amazing sustainability campaigns, SOS-UK has been formed in direct response to the climate emergency and ecological crisis.

Climate Change Activism Improves Mental Health

At the heart of what SOS-UK stands for is the belief that education is absolutely key in the future fight against man-made climate change and as a result have launched an amazing new campaign on climate education called Teach the Future.

Working with UKSCN, the school strikers organisation, Teach the Future is setting out to make the climate emergency a learning entitlement across all forms of education and to make all educational buildings net-zero carbon by 2030 as a national infrastructure priority - some hefty aims!

But - and this is where you guys come in - they really need your help. 

First up, If you'd like to support their amazing student-powered campaign, and help shape the future, please visit the SOS-UKSCN crowdfunder here.

No matter how much you can spare, every penny will make a real difference to the campaign. With only a week left, the crowdfunder is at around 75%, so it really is crunch time. 

But if you want to do even more, SOS and UKSCN are planning a parliamentary reception in the House of Commons on February 26th 2020. This will place our message at the heart of our democracy, allowing our campaigners face-to-face contact in order to engage new and returning MPs in the cause. 

SOS have offered TOTUM four places at the reception for keen, green students who believe they can do their part to help persuade MPs to take action on climate education seriously.

If you're practically chomping at the bit to be involved, you and a friend can nominate yourselves by completing a form here.

To win one of these spots all you have to do is tell us why you think you and your friend should be chosen, in under 200 words, by 12 noon on Wednesday, February 12th. SOS-UK will cover UK travel and accommodation to attend the reception and there will be a Skype briefing that you will both need to attend in advance. You will need to be available to attend the reception in London on Wednesday, February 26th.

In a joint statement from NUS President Zamzam Ibrahim and Jamie Agombar, Executive Director of SOS-UK, they said:

“Teach the Future is our new campaign to get better climate education from schools through to universities. We are in a climate emergency, but there are no plans to change what we are taught.

“It is ironic that some of the best educated people around the world are responsible for the most damage to the planet, and we need to change that. We have a six point emergency education plan and are running an event in Parliament on 26 February 2020 to get MPs on our side.

“If you support what we are doing and can help us, please chip into our Crowdfunder, as we urgently need that money to cover the costs of the parliamentary event.

"If you would like to get involved in running the campaign, you can apply to attend the event in parliament and help us meet MPs, or just get in touch with me via

Teach the Future is entirely run by students, but we need many more students calling for change if we are to get the change to education that we urgently need.”

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