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Eric BlairJanuary 20th

One of the internet’s great love stories has come to light after a woman finally came forward to reveal her identity following an interesting exchange with a stranger in a bar… 

So, what exactly happened here? Well, sharing the story online, Twitter user Henpacked Hal, uploaded photos detailing his cousin's dating life with the caption: "My 22-year-old cousin met his dream girl at a bar and it's going pretty well.”

The first photo, shows a screenshot of a conversation between the two cousins, with the first text reading: “I met my soulmate last night,” to which Hal responds: “Did you get her number."

In an apparently cryptic reply, the cousin says “Most of it.”


Asking the obvious question, Hal says: “How do you get most of a number?” It’s at this point that Hal receives a photo of a napkin, on which is written a phone number with two digits missing and a note saying: “Call me! Trust me I'm worth it,” by a woman named Jackie.

Hal replied: "WTF?!?! What are you going to do?” To which his cousin sent over another photo showing a list of numbers with all the varying sequences that could fill in the two missing digits.

It wasn’t long before the tweet went viral - it has over 54.2 million views, 716.7k likes and 10.9k quote tweets at the time of writing - as thousands of people became invested as they tried to find the correct number.

But there was another twist yet to come, as Hal has since uploaded a further screenshot conversation but this time with Jackie herself, captioning the tweet: "LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!!"

In the screenshot, Jackie wrote: “So you likely won't see this, but I'm Jackie from the tweet!”

She continued: “Tell your cousin that next time I see him I'm going to…" before the rest of the messages were blurred out with a red marker.

Clearly shocked that the mysterious 'soulmate' of his cousin had reached out to him, Hal shot back with "HOLY S**T!!!!”

"I just talked to him," Hal added, "WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER????"

Revealing his cousin's progress with the list, Hal replied: "He [the cousin] said he's halfway through the list, which means he's actually like 10 percent of the way through it."

Deciding to take the reins, Jackie joked: "He may not be as clever as he thinks.

“Give me HIS number, I'm taking over this operation.”

The tweet has already amassed a staggering 10.1 million views and thousands of responses.

One Twitter user wrote: "Honestly, the best story I’ve read in awhile. Wish these kids luck. Keep us posted!!"

“Freaking awesomeness," another wrote, "And it all started because of a napkin and pen."

While many showed support, others were more sceptical with some calling the situation 'fake' and 'obviously made up'.

Other even criticised Jackie, calling her actions a 'red flag' and 'cold'.

Sticking up for Jackie, Hal gave some more background detail to the story: "For the people saying she's arrogant, high maintenance or whatever: these kids talked for an hour about a shared interest in true crime, mysteries, etc.

“My cousin bragged that he always solves the case before the show ends (editor's note: not this time). I think she's awesome.”

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