Ben HaywardNovember 6th

In news that will almost certainly come as no shock to 50% of the population, a study has revealed that women are much better drivers than men.

The research, carried out by, found that of the 539,000 people convicted of breaking the law on roads in England and Wales in 2018, a whopping 79% of them were men. Come on guys. 

Nearly 25% of those offences were men speeding, while female drivers caught breaking speed limits accounted for just 7% of the offences.

Women Are Better Drivers

Men were also five times more likely than women to be convicted of drink driving, twice as likely to be at fault when making an insurance claim and three times as likely to be caught driving without insurance. 

While men were undoubtedly found to be the worst drivers when it comes to offences, things take a slightly different turn when it comes to driving tests. The figures showed that women were more likely to fail their practical than men.

Of the 1.6 million people in England and Wales who took their test last year, 55% failed (31% women and 24% men). Although, the numbers for those who did pass were much closer, comprised of 22% women and 23% men.


Of the 1.4 million insurance claims made in 2018, 67% were made by men, and the average claim payout is roughly £400 more for men than for women (£5,557/£5,150 respectively). 

So, the bottom line is that once the test is passed, men have more motoring convictions, make more insurance claims, and cost insurers more than women - even though average annual mileage for men and women is pretty much the same!

Women Drivers Safer

A separate, study conducted by car retailer Peter Vardy, found that BMW drivers were most likely to commit speeding or reckless driving offences, while Vauxhall drivers are the safest.

Claire Rogan, digital marketing manager at Peter Vardy, said: “Taking proper due care and attention when behind the wheel should always be at the forefront of our minds when in control of a car, so it is surprising to see our research indicate that over half of British drivers have been penalised for driving offences.

“Whether you have just passed your test, or have been driving for years, it is important to not allow your own perception of your driving skill to cloud your judgement."

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