You Can Earn £24,000 A Year Just For Playing With Puppies All Day | TOTUM
Eric BlairJuly 14th

Dream job alert - a company is looking to hire someone to play with puppies all day - and will, pay you £24,000 a year!

An online shop that sells personalised items for dogs and cats as well as their owners, is hiring the Chief Puppy Officer to make sure their employees' pups in the Manchester office are looked after all day.

The role is nine to five, and will basically involve minding and entertaining the doggos while their owners are busy working away to create personalised pet products for animal lovers across the country.


If you’re lucky enough to land the job, you’ll also be required to carry out some market research with each office dog and provide written feedback on all manner of toys, treats and accessories to help the company create more products!

You’ll also be in charge of chaperoning each dog to their photoshoots on time and making sure they always look picture perfect.

So, what skills do you need to take on the job of Chief Puppy Officer? Well, you need to be highly experienced in handling dogs and be able to understand their needs, with tummy ticking a ‘desired’ extra… 

If you think you could be the ideal candidate, you can apply for the role here.


Back in April a similar role was advertised by a company offering 10 applicants the opportunity to earn cash just for looking at pictures of cute dogs.

Dog food company ProDog Raw was carrying out a study to find out whether dogs on social media can actually reduce people's stress levels.

They needed 10 people to go about their regular day-to-day routine while wearing a heart monitor - but taking hourly breaks to look at a series of pre-prepared dog images. 

The heart rate data was to be analysed by a doctor to identify any key findings, with the successful candidates paid £20 an hour for the day-long study. Not too bad at all!


At the time, Heidi Maskelyne, founder of ProDog Raw said: “We as a nation love to share pictures and videos of our four-legged friends, and it turns out we love to see and interact with them too.

"It is scientifically proven that our pets can relieve stress, but there's not much research on whether simply looking at a picture of a dog can help calm a person's mood. We saw this as a big opportunity to shed some light on the subject and are really excited to see the results, especially when so many people are struggling during these difficult times.”

Who said work had to be boring…

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