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Ben HaywardApril 28th

How does the prospect of a free £10 sound to you? How about if you combine it with never having to take your wallet or purse out with you ever again?

Well, that is exactly what Curve is offering TOTUM members! 

So, first up what exactly is Curve? Curve is to banking what Netflix is to TV and Spotify is to music, allowing you to connect all your payment cards in one smart card and one even smarter app.

Curve users can make payments, withdraw cash, exchange currency, get real-time alerts, keep track of your spending and even switch effortlessly between all your accounts all in one place, meaning you can leave your wallet at home!


Any card you add to Curve will work with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay - even if your bank doesn’t - and once you’ve signed up and added all your accounts, all your Curve Cash will appear in a virtual Curve Card on the app, along with any promos and money sent from other people.

But it doesn’t end there - on top of all that, Curve customers can earn cashback when you spend at big-name high street retailers and restaurants including Zara, Selfridges, H&M, Honest Burgers, Pret, Leon and Wahaca.

Nathalie Oestmann, Curve’s chief operating officer, said: “After a year of lockdown restrictions, consumer experiences and expectations have shifted hugely. They want their online experiences to be easy and delightful, and that’s the way it should be.

“At Curve, we’re laser-focussed on 24/7 innovation, and our Autopilot features give customers control at their fingertips, as they and much of the UK look to more fulfilling social interactions over the next few months.”


So, what about that free £10 credit we were talking about? If you sign up to Curve with TOTUM, all you have to do is complete one transaction and that £10 will be deposited into your Curve account - you can do it as soon as you're set up on the app, you don't even have to wait for your card to arrive!

Finally, if you’ve accidentally paid on the wrong card or want to move a payment from your debit to credit card to free up a bit if extra cash, you can actually use Curve to go back in time and switch the payment to the desired account for up to 90 days after the payment was made - your Curve card is a time machine!

If all that is sounding good to you, sign up for your Curve account here and before you know it you’ll have a crisp (virtual) £10 note to spend on whatever you like… 

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