Abigail MeadowOctober 28th

Bonfire night is one of the best times of the year for us humans. It usually consists of gathering with friends and family, getting all wrapped up in our winter woolies and standing outside watching some colourful explosions in the sky.

But for our pets the time of year isn't as joyful. In fact it can be a pretty terrifying experience for them.

The RSPCA called for stronger restrictions on fireworks, warning: "Around 40% of dogs are fearful of loud noises such as fireworks, which alone means thousands of animals are affected by unplanned and random fireworks each year."


Following the RSPCA's call for restrictions from pet owners and animal charities on fireworks, supermarkets have started selling 'low noise fireworks', so we can have just as much fun and have a guilt-free evening, knowing our pets will be safe inside.

The box of Rainbow fireworks contains 12 different low noise products, meaning you can have a whole mini firework display without worrying about causing any disruption to animals or neighbours, these come at £10.

If that one isn't floating your boat, Fire-star Fireworks Sparkling Gem Low Noise Fountain four pack for £6 and a Twinkle Low Noise Fountain two pack for £15.


Next up to bat is The Fantasia Rock pack (£6 or three for £15) and the Box of Tricks selection box (£6 or three for £15) are both under 100 decibels, making them a far cry from the legal noise limit of 120 decibels, but a little way from a silent option.


It seems that low noise fireworks are the way forward, showing you can have just as much fun without all the noise - and I'm sure our pets (and uninvited neighbours) would thank us for it!


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