Ben HaywardJuly 11th

In this week’s ‘strangely over-the-top gin news’ we bring you; ‘shimmering raspberry-flavoured, colour-changing gin’. 

And who on Earth has come up with crazy concoction? Well this one’s all down to the guys at Manchester distillers Zymurgorium - the strange -sounding electric blue, psychedelic tipple is the latest addition to their Flagingo Gin range.

To be specific, Zymurgorium Flagingo Electric Blue is actually a gin-based liqueur that mixes blue and red raspberries and comes in a shimmery, electric blue and pink bottle.


Setting you back just £19 for a 50cl bottle, it’s described as a ‘shimmering swirl of rocking colour changing madness’ and changes colour from electric blue to bright pink, glittering glittering, sparkling and shimmering the whole time. 

The description says: "Lay back and let the Flagingo house band rock your taste buds with an Electric combination of Blue & Scottish Raspberries! By adding a Sparkling Mixer to the swirling-shimmering blue madness, it triggers a wonderful on-stage explosion of Pink hues.


"The final rift on the palette and nose will leave you swooning like a lovestruck groupie. Strong and Powerful Refreshment, finishing with a soft & smooth diminuendo of ripe fruit, leaving your senses crying 'ENCORE! ENCORE!’

“Mixing blue raspberries with their zingy red Scottish counterparts, this gin-based liqueur not only tantalises the taste buds but also provides a feast for the eyes.”

It sounds like I imagine George’s Marvellous Medicine looked, and I don’t know if that’s good or bad…


A video posted by Zymurgorium shows the bizarre beverage swirling around with a kind of 60s-esque psychedelic vibe - maybe try pairing it with Piper At The Gates Of Dawn for the full mind-bending experience?

But if this one doesn’t tickle your fancy, don’t fret, the brand boasts a whole range of unusual boozy creations including marmalade gin, chocolate gin, cherry-on-top Bakewell gin-based liqueur and even Realm of the Unicorn gin-based liqueur, which is just as shimmery as the Electric Blue offering.

Mine’s a pint of smooth please… 

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