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Eric BlairMay 12th

Get ready to pay your bill with nothing more than a swish of your perfectly manicured finger with your new ‘microchip manicure’!

Yep, it seems that the future really is here as one beauty lounge in Dubai is now offering clients the option to embed whatever personal information you'd like into your nails.

The brainchild of Nour Makarem, the idea for the ultra-modern twist on having your nails done came about after the pandemic hit.


Nour says she came up with the innovative 'smart nails', as part of a desire to promote social distancing in beauty services throughout he use of cutting edge technology. 

The chip uses 'Near Field Communication' technology to connect with smartphone devices and tablets - very similar to what is currently used in bank and travel cards, which can be used to tap transfer funds remotely. 

However it wasn’t all plain sailing, Nour initially encountered problems some problems making the chips small enough to fit on a fingernail, and discrete enough to be disguised through glitter and varnish, but speaking to CNN Middle East, she says they can now ‘install whatever information the client wants on their chip’.

When you tap your microchipped nail to a smart phone, whatever data you like, including WhatsApp details, digital business cards, and social media handles can be transferred in a matter of seconds.

At the moment, the amount of data the chip can store is relatively  small, but Nour hopes the technology can be developed to allow for bigger transfers meaning you’d be able to pay for bills, share menus, and circulate information at the tap of a finger.

And while all this admittedly does sound a bit dystopian, apparently the size of the chip means it is untraceable, and can only be activated at the very close distance of between one to two centimetres.

No more forgetting your wallet excuses… 

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