Ben HaywardJuly 30th

Working in an office? Does anyone remember what that’s like? Interacting with actual people at work rather than tiny screen versions of them? 

However, on sunny days like today there is one thing to be said about working from home - soaking up some rays in the garden (if you’re lucky enough to have one that is! 

But, lovely as it is, there’s one problem with that, the glare on your laptop causing you to squint so much you end up giving up on the idea and heading back inside.

Well, worry no more, as shelving supplier BiGDUG has now launched its very own Garden Laptop Shelter!

The shelter, which promises to shield your laptop from the sun's glare - even comes equipped with its own sun cream shelf, space for a power cable, a fan holder, head height mirror, mini clock and a hydration hat. They’ve really thought of everything. 

BiGDUG say: “This fabulous hot weather friend comes with a built in hydration station, including a mouth-height straw and space for two thirst quenching bottles or cans.

"Inside you will find a rechargeable fan, shelf for your sunscreen (we don't want anybody to get burnt), a mirror to check your face before a zoom call, digital clock, beer hat and space for a power cable so you can keep powered all day!"

And the best part is the whole lot will set you back just £20.82, which you’d think would be totally worth it if we get more than about three minutes of sunshine this summer…

Do remember though that not having a proper desk and chair really isn’t great for your back and neck. 

Speaking to Tyla, award-winning Osteopath Anisha Joshi said: “This idea could potentially help someone with neck or back pain if they are already committed to working outside, as they won't need to move around in an attempt to block the sun's glare to see their screen.

"It can however also take the laptop screen further away from you and encourage a person to slouch into the screen more than usual when working from home/in the garden. This can lead to muscle tightness in the neck and shoulders and possibly predispose to headaches and neck pain.”

Anisha says that preventing neck and back pain is all about reducing the gradient of your head looking down.

"Getting a decent laptop stand and Bluetooth keyboard is always a good idea! Lifting up the screen will prevent poor posture and this can help with neck and back pain when working from home. And lastly, sit on a proper chair (as opposed to garden furniture) that has decent back support.”

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