Jasmine TomlinsonAugust 27th

Christmas feels like it's getting earlier and earlier every year doesn't it?

We're barely out of summer yet, but all the big brands are already popping up to tempt us with Christmas delights, desperately trying to get us in the festive spirit before we can even say no, not yet.

Put down those refreshing cocktails and hand-held fans as Christmas trees and hot chocolate sachets are bursting through the door!


Cadbury was one of the first to get into the wintry mood, as a whole batch of snowy, white-chocolate versions of their classic treats were revealed earlier this month, and went out today!

We've been teased with the promise of gingerbread-filled chocolate bars and chocolate orange snowmen, and even Maltesers have got in the act announcing the release of their white chocolate truffles. But it's all a bit secretive. Santa says no peeking.

However, the attention has now turned to that stalwart of the festive period, After Eights, after a new mint and orange flavour was spotted by Instagram page newfoodsuk.

While we're unsure exactly what to expect from the new offering, what we do know is that the limited-edition twist on the classic will be sold nationwide for £2.

On the whole, people don't quite know what to make of them, with some saying 'they look so good' and appreciating the tangy twist, while others are concerned it'll taste like 'toothpaste and orange juice', which brings me back to flashbacks of all the times I brushed my teeth after a glass of juice and instantly regretted it.

Hopefully this treat won't have quite the same effect, and will maintain it's glorious minty taste and gooey texture.


If this isn't really your thing and you're still looking for that wintry treat to entertain dinner guests' taste buds this year, why not invest in some of Diet Coke's latest festive creations?

That's right, after its exciting editions throughout the years, including cherry, mango, blood orange and ginger & lime, a new Christmassy variation of Diet Coke is expected to hit fridges from mid-October.

Welcome the Festive Clementine Diet Coke! With a gently sweet flavour and the cosy smells of Christmas fruits, it's bound to feel like Autumn in no time.


There are no calories, no sugar, and its suitable for vegetarians - all dinner guests are going to feel happy now!

Is this making you happy? Or are you scrunching your nose...

Whatever the case, winter is on the horizon, and a bunch of brands will be making use of this, so there'll be something for everyone!

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