Eric BlairOctober 13th

So apparently it’s already time to start thinking about Christmas!

Costa Coffee has just launched its brand new festive menu, we have channels showing non-stop Christmas movies and thoughts are turning to the centre piece of it all, the tree!

But if you’ve found that stringing fairy lights all the way around and struggling to get baubles in places where nobody can see them is a bit too much faff for something that is essentially against the wall, you could be in luck… 

Yep, in a sentence I never thought I’d find myself writing, you can now buy half Christmas trees - problem solved!

Ideal for smaller homes and living spaces, judging by the pictures the trees actually look great pushed up against a wall - saving you both soarer and decorating time. 

If you do fancy getting one they’re available in high-end stores like Hammacher Schlemmer and Balsam Hill - but you can also get them on a budget, with Very and Christmas Tree World both selling their own versions for under £50. 

The product description on Very reads: "This may look like a regular Christmas tree, but it's been cleverly designed so that one side is completely flat, so no matter how limited your space might be, you and your family can still enjoy the magic of having a tree in your home.

"Standing an impressive 6ft tall and featuring 511 tips for a lush look, you can stand it flat against the wall to save on valuable floor space... it also means you don't have to worry about any of your favourite decorations being out of sight at the back!"

The website adds: "It comes complete with a folding metal stand, and its hinged branches mean it's easier to get into the loft or garage when the festive season is over."

One person said: "I bought this Christmas tree as my old one just didn’t fit in my new home. It was so big and I needed something that didn’t take up to much space.

And it sounds like people who bought them have been pretty impressed  with a whole host of glowing reviews. One person wrote: “This tree is perfect – it’s nice and bushy and as it’s half a tree it goes up to the wall so looks great without sticking out too far.

Someone else said: “It takes half the time to get it up and ready. I'm really happy with it.”

If you’re really pushed for space at home you could always try out this cute take on a traditional Christmas tree…

Introducing - succulent Christmas trees! Probably one of the most low maintenance of all the plants, these little guys are absolutely perfect for smaller living spaces, windowsills, bathrooms - basically anywhere you’d like to add a little bit of chic festive cheer. 

The decorative little trees are basically made up of multiple mini succulents arranged in a tree shape complete with baubles and of course, a star at the top.

There only seems to be a few people making these and there aren't many that are delivering to the UK, but they are out there - although they don’t come cheap!

On the other hand, if you fancy yourself to be a bit of a green-fingered creative type, they don’t sound too difficult to DIY. You'll need a few materials and -obviously - loads of succulents and there’s a really useful guide that’ll point you in the right direction on Better Homes and Gardens.

Even better is that after Christmas you can take them apart and pot them up separately to enjoy all year round.

This also means that they’re actually a far more sustainable option than many traditional Christmas trees - statistics show that in the UK alone we create 30% more waste than usual during the festive period - including six million Christmas trees that are simply thrown out - including an eye-watering 160,000 tonnes of real trees.

If you want to learn a bit more about how to have a more eco-friendly Christmas, check out our handy tips on everything from gifting, to trees to food here

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