Eric BlairAugust 14th

Another week another delicious-sounding new release from cult biscuit brand Lotus… 

As ever, we’re keen to do our bit to keep your sweet teeth tingling, and the latest addition to their ever-expanding snacktastic assault are Lotus Biscoff Speculoos Rolls.

Basically they’re the brand's famous brown sugar and spice-flavoured cookies reimagined as crunchy little balls coated in chocolate.


Pro-snack reviewer (talk about a dream job) 'Amy Seeks New Treats’, described the latest offering on her Instagram page, saying: “Imagine McVities nibbles but with Biscoff biscuits in the middle and you've pretty much got these sussed.” I’m not hearing anything not to like about these there. 

Sadly you won’t be able to pop out and grab a bag of these from your nearest supermarket as they’re not technically available in the UK yet. But don't worry, we wouldn’t do that to you, we know a guy… 

GB Gifts, the British confectionery company specialising in importing delicious treats to our shores from all over the world has brought them over from the Netherlands for us all to enjoy!

And it gets even better - they’re available in three flavours! Take your pick from Original Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and White Chocolate and Coffee, or just get all three.


Admittedly they’re not the cheapest, coming in at £5.99 for a 150g bag, plus £1.99 for worldwide delivery.

But then it might be good to start getting used to the idea of crazy expensive imports…  

If that seems like a bit too much, Lotus also recently took heed of consumer demands and announced it's finally launching its 'Biscoff & Go' pots in the UK - for just £1 a go! 

The company have transformed everyone’s favourite coffee biscuit into handy portable packs - similar to Nutella Go pots and Dairylea Dunkers - which consist of Lotus Biscoff spread on one side and little bread sticks for dipping on the other.

Keen fans of the caramel biscuit will be able to find them in local convenience shops, such as Nisa, Costcutter and Spar over the next few months, and as the snack is suitable for vegans, those with a dairy intolerance and contains no artificial colours or flavours, pretty much everyone will be able to indulge!


A spokesperson for Lotus said: "It all began with a little red biscuit and now we have become a three-category brand with the launch of Biscoff & Go rooting us firmly in the food-to-go market and driving sales in a new direction.

"We are delighted to introduce Biscoff & Go in the UK, so that our customers can enjoy the taste of Lotus Biscoff anytime, anywhere and in a handy dunk and go format.

“Biscoff & Go is the perfect snack and another way in which retailers can benefit from the nation's continued obsession with the unique caramelised flavour of Lotus Biscoff.”

Damn straight! 

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