Eric BlairMarch 19th

Well, it’s time to hit you guys up with our favourite news of the week - snack update!

As you may have realised by now, we kind of see it as our civic duty to keep you all informed of the latest and most delicious-sounding snacks that we’ve come across on our travels and well, this one is a beauty… 

So basically, if you like M&Ms and you like chocolate fudge brownie, my guess is that you’re going to absolutely love new M&Ms stuffed with chocolate fudge brownie. 

I’m not wrong am I?


Described as ‘sharing size’ the bags of delicious-sounding treats weigh in at 256.6g, which to be fair, you don’t have to share… 

The news of the flavour first emerged last summer when in stagram account @junkfoodleaks_,  revealed they had been sent a sample to try out - the lucky devils!

And man did they give us some in depth insight into them…

They wrote: “Coming soon is a new addition to the ever-growing m&m line, and boy does this one fit right in! 

“For starters, these M&M's are larger in size, and resemble that of a peanut m&m, just rounder. The immediate in-mouth taste is certainly a normal m&m, but allowing them to melt a bit and moving them around in your mouth is the key to the experience. 

“These chocolate candies soften up quick, and the gooey texture of a warm brownie begins to take over your taste buds. For those who love the brownie aftertaste, this is a home run - and leaves you feeling as if you had just downed an entire brownie, sans all of the calories. 

“My only gripe is that for those who simply chew and swallow candy without letting things evolve in their mouths, they may miss some of the flavor that these things have to offer. 

They finish off by advising you to ‘let them sit in your mouth for a moment or so’.

So, pretty good then! 

Unfortunately if you’re now completely sold and just have to get your hands on multiple bags of these bad boys, you can’t just nip down your corner shop - as yet they’re only on release in the US. But don’t fear.

Thanks to the wonderful people over at GB Gifts, you can simply order them online for £7.99 (totally worth it imho) and then sit back and wait for them to arrive - safe in the knowledge that you’re way ahead of the game… 

And if they sound good what about Cadbury Crunchie Eggs?!


You can buy them from for £5.99 for 125g. You may think that's a little expensive for a bit of choccy, but it's because they're being imported from Australia.

The delicious milk chocolate egg is filled with golden honeycomb pieces inside.

So what are you waiting for? Get them ASAP so you can munch on them on Easter Sunday.

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