Eric BlairAugust 8th

Now, of course we could never condone the sneaking of illicit booze into licenced premises, but it would’ve been negligent of us to not bring this to your attention…

The most cunning plan I ever came up with was smuggling the bladder from a warm box of wine into a certain north-of-England festival under my bucket hat, which somehow actually worked, but these are certainly a level up from that.

Introducing, ‘Smuggle Your Booze - Bra Inserts’. The ingenious hack is available to buy on Prezzy Box, and according to the website if you order today you’ll receive your booby bags tomorrow, ready for a Saturday night of surreptitious sipping.


They may not look like much, but they’re made using reusable, leak-proof plastic bags which can carry 100ml of your favourite tipple. 

All you’ve got to do is fill them up and sneak them into your bra ready for your big night out. 

According to the description, the bra inserts are ‘perfect as booby bags or to hide in your socks’, they’re ‘durable, reusable and leak proof’ and even come with their very own ‘funnel to make them easier to fill’. Sounds like they’ve really put a lot of thought into this doesn’t it!?

The website says: “Off to a festival, concert or party but want to dodge the overpriced drinks and queues? Or maybe you just fancy an instant boob job'!? Look no further - introducing Smuggle Your Booze - Bags!

“If you're tired of paying over the odds for drinks on a night out, why not smuggle in your booze by pouring it into these clever bags which can contain 4 fluid ounces of alcohol.


“They're great for ladies as you can smuggle then in your bra - also giving you the benefit of a lift' each side! Men can also sneak them in wellies or down their pants!

“Security won't look twice! These secret Smuggle Your Booze - Bags come in packs of 4 and even have a funnel to make filling them up that little bit easier. 

“They're also durable, reusable, are leak proof and have screw tops. Now you don’t have to pay over the odds or wait in huge queues, as events will find it difficult to confiscate these!”

As a side note, it’s definitely worth considering your outfit choice carefully - it’s probably best to wear something that’s easy to pull down, as it’s fair to say these aren’t necessarily compatible with your favourite turtle-neck jumper.

I’m off to shove some down my wellies…

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