You Can Now Have Your Ashes Made Into A Giant Bath Bomb | TOTUM
Ben HaywardNovember 26th

If you’re ever on the hunt for a unique option for burial once you’ve shuffled off this mortal coil, how about making your exit in the form of a giant bath bomb?

Yep, a funeral director has taken to TikTok to show users their ‘biodegradable urn’ which allows you to have your ashes put inside before being chucked in the ocean! 

Looking pretty much exactly like a large version of a regular bath bomb, @funeraldirector07 took to the video platform to unwrap the ‘eco sphere salt urn’ which is 100% biodegradable and can dissolve in less than five minutes.


But it turns out you can actually get a whole host of water-soluble urns! Company Urns for Water Burial has a range of giant human bath bombs that include everything from floating lotuses to love note urns.

People on TikTok had varied opinions about the idea, but to be fair a lot of people do seem to love it!

One person wrote: “I’ve searched for a way to be extra even in death and I think I’ve found the answer here, quick question though, can I add custom glitter?”

Another user who goes by the name of @makinghoney6 said: “Wait one minute, no one told me I could be a f**king bath bomb. So I've been against cremation, not because there's anything wrong with cremation... somewhere along the way it got stuck in my head that you need to be in the ground not burned.

"It doesn't matter, my opinion, your opinion, I respect you, you respect me, I don't want to be burned. But if I'd known I could be a whole bath bomb I would have gotten onboard with this idea a whole lot sooner.

“So we're gonna' need some glitter in there, maybe a little food colouring, purple is my favourite colour... Just drop me in the pacific, we'll be fine.”

Others weren't as enthusiastic, with one person saying: “But the salt levels of our oceans is already rising and making it harmful for the animals and the fish, I don't think this is a good idea." 


The laws for UK water burials, are actually surprisingly relaxed compared to some other countries - individuals don’t need a licence or permission to scatter at sea and as long as you don’t place any additional items into the water, such as metal or plastics, you're free to dispose of your loved one's ashes as you like.

According to Urns for Water, most water urns will dissolve completely once submerged - although salt urns can take considerably longer as they slowly sink to the bottom of the sea, where they gradually dissolve over a longer period of time. 

If you do purchase a biodegradable urn, make sure you don’t get it wet until you drop it in the ocean… 

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