Ben HaywardMay 11th

One positive thing to come out of being in lockdown is that groups of friends are finding more innovative ways to keep in touch and stay entertained.

From online quizzes to virtual murder mysteries people really are trying to make the best out of a challenging situation. 

But if you’re the kind of group who likes to pit your wits and give your brains a good workout, why not have a crack at an online virtual escape room!?


Trapped In The Web provides a number of rooms that you have to think your way out of either in groups or on your own over video chat text or gathered round the same screen - but only with your own household of course.

You’ll make your way through the virtual rooms, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles as you try to escape. According to the Trapped In The Web website, each room should take you between one and two hours to get your heads around, so fairly challenging then!

There are currently five rooms available for you to try out, each with their own theme. The first is 'Space Race' which requires players to escape from a damaged space station with no gravity or power which is currently for sale at a special offer price of just £3.49.

The other rooms are all £7.99 and they include: ’School's Out' which is a 'beginner' level room where players will find themselves accidentally locked in school after a reunion and must break out.

'Cabin Fever' sees you wake up on a cruise ship and have to get yourselves back on dry land. 'A Night At The Theatre' where you're trapped with no cast or crew and have to escape,

And, for you escape room veterans out there, the 'expert' level room is 'Out Of Hours' where you and your team are sent to an office building out of hours to investigate the dodgy dealings of the rogue CEO.

To find out more and book a room, check out the website here.

If this is sounding like something you’d be into, you could also mix up your lockdown get togethers with a good old fashioned murder mystery party - but you know, a virtual one!

My Mystery Party have now launched a series of murder mystery parties that can be played virtually by groups of up to ten people.

There’s a few different cases to choose from, each with its own unique set of characters, plots and clues to test your detective skills to the max. 

You can find out more here.

Happy sleuthing… 

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