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BeSafe student discount & offers

BeSafe are proud to be partners of TOTUM! We offer high quality, premium personal care products in our condom range designed to improve the quality of the intimate life. BeSafe is offering up to 75% discount to TOTUM members on their premium products without any compromise in design or the variety that we offer. As well as being affordable we know that we have the safest ‘barely there’ products as well as those designed to offer greater enhancement to love making. There is something to please and delight everyone. We think affordability for our student customers and safety as well as stylish design are equally important so that, regardless of budget, everyone can have access to high quality products and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that there will be no unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease to contend with.

BeSafe doesn’t have any offers live on TOTUM at the moment.

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