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RWG Mobile student discount & offers

Top up just the bits you need… … and stop wasting money on the bits you don’t! RWG Mobile is a new national telecommunication business based in Wales which is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. Our mobile service is centred on quality products and low costs with a dedicated customer service team you’d expect in Wales - friendly and always happy to help… in English or in Welsh. Our pay-as-you-go service has a complimentary App that allows you to make wi-fi calls, have multiple profiles with up to five different numbers, and there’s 4G connectivity for all. Tailored mobile communication for the student community • Free App to complement the service • Create your own bundles, if you only want data - just top-up data! • Get up to 5 numbers on a single handset. Grab a new number with its own voicemail to keep your student life separate. • Free calls between RWG Mobile users via our App. Get your friends on board and save yourself and your mates some money • If you’re heading abroad on a gap year, get cheap international calls back home. Or rock up to the nearest wi-fi hotspot and call other RWG Mobile users for free. • Our team is based in Wales offering dedicated support in both English or ‘yng Nghymraeg’ (Welsh).

RWG Mobile doesn’t have any offers live on TOTUM at the moment.

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