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Get 20% student discount on Sport Kitchen Real Meals when you order online. TOTUM members can treat themselves to a tasty 20% discount when buying Sport Kitchen Real Meals. Perfect for people who lead a hectic life and want to keep their nutrition on track, Sport Kitchen’s just-add-water pots provide a healthy, convenient meal that you can have with you whenever you need it. Ready to eat in just 5 minutes, get your nutrition on-the-go with Sport Kitchen.
• 20% off applies to all Sport Kitchen Real Meals, not our Protein Coffee or any other new products added to the website during this offer (can be reviewed in our next offer) • 20% is automatically deducted from the web prices of the product, no discount can be given against the postage • There are no limits on codes used per person • Offer ends 9th August 2020 • Sport Kitchen web prices are subject to change at any time should our ingredient/packaging costs rise due to Brexit or any other price increase scenario