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As a TOTUM cardholder you can get £50 off your next STA Travel adventure when you book an appointment in one of over 50 UK stores. STA Travel is the world’s largest student and youth travel company and started out back in 1979 with just one mission: to create affordable adventures for awesome humans. Secure your flight with just a £49 deposit! Simply contact the TOTUM team at STA Travel and save on great deals today on 0800 819 9337 STA Travel’s story starts way back in 1979, in a magical era where flares were fashionable and affordable adventures were scarce. The location was Oz (not the magical one with the wizard, the Australian one) where two young students had just returned from their travels, slightly jetlagged but on the biggest high of their lives. Inspired by the planet, the people they had met and the places they had seen, they set out on a mission to bring affordable flights and worldly adventures to other students, young people and explorers. The result was STA Travel. That was over 35 years ago, and STA Travel have been travelling the world spreading love, peace and adventure ever since! Today STA Travel have almost 2,000 people working in over 200 stores around the globe, helping over 2 million travellers a year start their adventure.

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