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Abigail MeadowMarch 20th

Sometimes we all need a little help to feel sain again.

Sometimes it's good to speak to a friend but sometimes it's equally as good to take a few moments by ourselves and enjoy some self care moments.

We've compiled a list of some of our favourite products online that are aimed at helping you to feel a little more relaxed in this time of uncertainty.

1 - Calm and Mindful Notebook


With this calm and mindful notebook, costing just £17.49, you'll get prompts to remember the things you should be grateful for.

In times like this it can be hard to remember, but with a book guiding you through the difficult times, you can guide yourself into happiness!

2 - Aroma Bath Salts


It's self care season baby and hopping into a hot bath with some gorgeous smelling bath salts is exactly what you deserve right now.

You can buy these natual pink Himalayan salts infused with pure lavender essential oils, you'll be feeling relaxed in no time.

You won't even break a sweat at the cost, as they'll only set you back £4.75.

3 - Little book of mindfulness.


You wouldn't notice it, but turning your brain and thoughts off can be quite a difficult task.

Taking 10 minutes out of your day to be a little mindful of your own body and what you need can be incredibly important to your mental health. Just a quick check in will work wonders.

We've found a book costing just £5.09 as mindfulness doesn't need to break the bank.

4 - Foot Mask


As any reflexologist would tell you, the key to a healthy body is looking after your feet.

So forget face masks, this almond foot mask would be perfect costing £10.45. After this your feet are for sure to feel silky smooth.

5 - Meditation Cushion 


With your mindfulness book you'll need a dedicated cushion to sit on to make sure you're super comfy and have no uncomfortable distractions.

With this cusion costing £17.50, you can choose between a selection of colours to match your bedroom or living room.

6- Massage Balls


Whether your working or studying from home, sitting on a kitchen chair might not be the most comfortable.

It can cause strain on your body so until you can return to the library or your office, why not invest in these massage balls - for just £7.99, that can help you gently ease the strain from certain pressure points.

7 - Warming Neck Pillow


With this lil' cutie you'll always be warm.

If you're in the house all day and feeling a little bit chilly, it's not going to be wise having the heating on... that's expensive ya'll.

But with a warming neck pillow you can heat up in the microwave, you'll be able to save loads of cash - especially because this only costs £19.95!

8 - Green & Black's Organic Tasting Collection Boxed Chocolate


I don't know about you, but chocolate is definitely the key to my heart. Knowing it's organic too can make you feel even better.

With this Green & Black tasting collection, you can expereince different variations of chocolate to suit your mood.

Enjoy all of this for £12.99.

9 - Stuffed Sloth Toy


If you can't have a live furry best friend trotting around the place, this sloth will fit the bill.

Costing £15.99 and made out of high-grade ultra soft plush material, you can carry your bestie around everywhere so you won't feel alone.

10 - Long Plush Dressing Gown


After a long day in normal adult clothes, it's exciting to know you've got a big comfy fluffy dressing gown to change into of an evening.

Whether it's hearts or stars your after, you can choose which colour you'd like for as little as £23.19.

Look after yourselves TOTUM members!

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