'13 Reasons Why' Season 3 Will Hit Netflix In October

Eric BlairJuly 3rd

One of the most controversial shows in Netflix’s short history is returning for a third series… 

It’s been confirmed that 13 Reasons Why - the series which tackles some pretty tricky topics, from depression and teen suicide to gun violence and sexual assault, will return to the streaming service for its third season in October this year. 

The news was announced by actor Zack Prusak - credited as 'Jock' in the show - who wrote on Twitter:  "13 Reasons Why season 3. October 2019! Let's go !”

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Netflix is yet to officially confirm his statement - but they haven’t denied it either - and it does fit in with earlier statements about the hit show returning during the latter part of this year…

It’s been far from plain sailing for the show as Netflix has received a whole host of complaints relating to the graphic depiction of - in particular - suicide and rape scenes.

As a result the streaming service has included warnings before each episode and the show's core cast continue to actively campaign and raise awareness about the significant issues faced by young people every day.

Speaking about the male rape scene in season two, creator Brian Yorkey explained the importance of facing difficult topics head-on.


"We know that sexual assault is hugely under-reported, sexual assault with male victims is exponentially more under-reported than even sexual assault in general,” said Yorkey.

"And as a show that had already said we are going to tell the stories of sexual assault victims and survivors, and we're going to tell them in a way that is unflinching and honest, we said, wow, not only does this seem a credible story to be told but in a way we felt there was an imperative to tell it. Because no-one was telling it."

Yorkey also said that one in six men will be victims of sexual assault at some point in their lives and added: "That was a story that wasn't being told, it was a story that is happening in high schools today and we felt we not only had the opportunity but the responsibility to tell it."

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