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Ben HaywardOctober 13th

We all love a freebie don’t we? There are few things more satisfying than getting something that’s actually useful without having to pay for it.

Well, it just so happens that here at TOTUM there are a whole host of great deals that offer you just that!

So to help you save as many pennies as possible we’ve pulled together a list of our top picks that you as a TOTUM member can pick up for free.


From skincare, to movies, audiobooks to coffee kits, there's loads of great stuff TOTUM members can get your hands on without having to open your wallet. 

We’ve picked out seven of our favourites for you to take advantage of… 

Amazon Prime - 6 months FREE


Boasting everything you need from books to electronics and clothes to gifts, all with free next delivery - as well as access to hundreds of exclusive tv shows and movies and two million songs on Prime Music - 

TOTUM members get 6 months free Amazon Prime membership, then pay half-price £3.99 a month after that. 

Lumin - 30 day FREE skincare trial (just pay P&P)


Lumin’s expertly curated products are jointly developed by the best in Los Angeles and Seoul. For a limited time, TOTUM members get a FREE trial based on your own personal skin management needs, whether it’s anti-aging, acne scarring, dry skin or more. 

One box would normally cost you £46.50, so the savings are HUGE!

Gillette - FREE razor ( just pay P&P)


Simply choose your razor, place your order and you’ll receive a Gillette starter kit including your chosen razor blade, a shave gel and a travel case for your razor!

If you don’t like it you can just cancel the subscription - but you’ll still have the razor so all you’ll have to do is buy fresh blades when you need them!

Smol - FREE trial with £1 delivery


Treat yourself to a free pack of 9 eco-friendly laundry capsules with just £1 for delivery - PLUS 25% off the first box when you subscribe to smol. 

Guarantee a great environmentally conscious wash with smol’s super concentrated, eco-friendly, vegan-friendly laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets and get them delivered straight to your door when you need them too!

Audible - 30 day FREE trial


From your favourite audio books to true-crime podcasts to exclusive deals, TOTUM members can access it all for FREE for 30 days when signing up to Audible. 

Whether you choose to listen online or offline, to best sellers or the latest releases, you’ll never be stuck for something to listen to again!

Pact Coffee - FREE V60 Brew Kit 


Get your day going in the right way with a FREE V60 Brew Kit when you sign up for a Pact Coffee Subscription with TOTUM. 

Quick and easy, guarantee yourself a quality cup of coffee with the V60 coffee kit. You can even check out Pact’s simple step-by-step guide to make yourself the perfect cup of Joe!

Experian - FREE Credit Check


Okay, it’s not glamorous - but that doesn’t mean it’s not important!

Know your Credit Score before you apply for loans and credit cards and improve your chances of being approved at lower rates with Experian.

You can even update your credit score every 30 days, and see which credit cards and personal loans you are more likely to be accepted for. 

Manage your finances better with Experian.

NOTE: This article contains affiliate links, which will earn the site a commission if the product is purchased.

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