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When you’re preparing to move to university for the first time, insurance probably isn’t at the top of your priority list, because... it's like... adulting and stuff isn't it.

If you're living away for the first time, you'll be surprised how easily accidents can happen and it’s likely that you’ll not only have a phone, but also a laptop, as well as all of your other belongings.

So, what happens if things do go wrong? Can you be covered under your parents' home insurance? Or do you need to take out your own?


To try and help us navigate the ins and outs, our friends at Endsleigh are here to provide some much needed guidance to the grown up world of insurance.

The good news is that as far as insurance goes, Endsleigh - specialists in student insurance - have absolutely got you covered. You can tailor the cover to suit your needs, with options for stuff like liquid damge, cracked screens and accidental damage all available.

Endsleigh is the number one UK student insurance provider with over 50 years experience, so believe me, they know what they're talking about and fully understand your needs!

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You don't have to take my word for it though, Endsleigh also come highly recommended by the NUS themselves, so it's well worth checking out their offers here.

Sometimes, there is an option for your belongings to be covered under your parents' insurance while you're at uni and not all providers offer it - so it's worth just double checking with your folks just in case.

Good thing for you students, it's generally cheaper if you can get covered under ya 'rents insurance but it's potentially not so good for them, as claims under their insurance could increase their annual premium, meaning your little butter fingers incident could make their insurance more expensive next time they go to renew.


Another thing to consider is if your phone or laptop is covered under their insurance but gets damaged outside of your halls of residence. An example of this would be if you head to a 'Quids In' night out and drop your phone while you dance to 'Mr Brightside', you may not be covered!

Not only this, but the excesses are also usually higher on home insurance than on a student contents insurance policy (put a pin in this one), which means you'll have to pay more initially to get things fixed, so there's definitely different factors to weigh up.

But if you're thinking you want to break free a little bit from your parents protection (get ready to un-pin this from your brain) you can get student contents insurance.


For student contents insurance there are loads of options available. While it's easier to assume you'll be covered by parental home insurance, you just never know. So if you get your own, you can be totally sure of everything and be in control of your own things if they get damaged, leaving your parents blissfully unaware.

You can select your own cover and decide what is important to you and worth putting on your insurance, giving yourself the option to include accidental damage, which we all know could be a life saver at some point!

It's also good to check out what your halls of residence can cover. Usually there's something that your uni can cover, but usually it'll only be for items that are in your specific room - it's still definitely looking into though as you just never know!

So the choice is yours. Welcome to semi-adulthood people!


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