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Holly BarrowApril 27th

Whether you’re a fan of a good yoga flow or you’re a weightlifting warrior, you may be on the hunt for a cheap gym membership to help you stay active whilst at university. 

Not only is it good for students to have a way to blow off some steam (that doesn’t involve drinking!), it’s great for your general wellbeing - both mental and physical. 

Uni can be tough, with plenty of stressful periods (exam season we’re looking at you). To help alleviate any stress you may have and to keep yourself fit and healthy in between all the socialising and late night revision sessions, a gym membership can be ideal.  

But with money tighter than ever at the moment, you’re likely looking for a gym membership that is as budget-friendly as possible. So without further ado, here are some of the cheapest gym memberships for students in 2023… 


Is the gym free for students?

Unfortunately, students do not get free gym memberships for public gyms, however your university may offer free access to your campus gym so this is something to look out for if you live nearby and want something right on your doorstep! 

When it comes to public gym chains however, students have to pay for a gym membership - but many gyms offer a student discount on memberships (keep reading for more on this). 

Is the gym good for students?

If you’ve never signed up for a gym membership before, you may be interested in what benefits going to the gym may have on you as a student. 

While the following applies to all physical activity and exercise in general rather than solely in a gym environment, the gym is the perfect place to explore different types of exercise that suit you. Benefits of exercise include:

  • Physical activity releases endorphins - feel-good hormones that can help to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression

  • Can help to manage chronic health conditions and disabilities 

  • Can improve your ability to carry out daily activities through building strength and stamina 

  • Improves quality of sleep 

  • Improves memory and brain function (super important for students!)

  • Improved physical health can boost self-confidence 


Cheap gym memberships for students 

1. The Gym Group

The Gym Group is an ideal choice for students as it offers a specific student gym membership at a discounted price. You can get this fantastic student package from just £199 for a 12-month contract, which equates to around £17 per month - an absolute bargain when you consider the average UK gym membership costs around £40 per month!

As part of the student membership with The Gym Group, you’ll get:

  • 24/7 access to two gyms - perfect for fitting a workout into your busy schedule, night or day!

  • You can participate in gym classes for free, from strength and conditioning classes to bootcamp

  • Access to The Gym Group App which includes a workout library with hundreds of on-demand workout videos from Fiit trainers, meaning you can still workout from the comfort of your own home if you can’t quite make it to the gym! 

Best of all, as a TOTUM member you can get up to 50% off your first month at The Gym Group PLUS you’ll pay no joining fee


2. Village Health & Wellness

Village Gym similarly offers a specific gym membership for students at a fraction of the usual price.

The student gym membership is open to students aged 16 or over in full-time education, and gives you access to everything from HIIT classes and dance fitness to swimming and Pilates. 

As a Village Gym member, you’ll also get:

  • 25% discount in the chain’s Pub & Grill

  • Exclusive discounts on some of your favourite high street brands 

  • 20% off hotel breaks


3. PureGym

PureGym is an excellent choice for students and is without a doubt one of the most popular choices - you can almost guarantee your university city or town will have a PureGym nearby! Known for its super cost-effective gym memberships, PureGym is perfect for students on a tight budget. 

With your PureGym membership, you’ll get:

  • Access to over 340 PureGym branches nationwide (if you sign up for multi-gym access)

  • A wide range of fitness classes catering to all fitness levels and workout preferences

  • No contract, meaning you can cancel your gym membership at any time!

  • A flexible gym membership designed for student life, with 24/7 access 

  • The option for 6, 9, or 12 month fixed term memberships that offer up to 30% discount


4. JD Gyms

JD Gyms are another fantastic option for students looking for cheap gym memberships to get them through the academic year. 

Refusing to compromise on style, quality or member experience, JD Gyms are sleek and stylish whilst remaining affordable and providing state-of-the-art equipment for members. 

Best of all, JD Gyms offers students a number of unique benefits, including: 

  • The ability to freeze your gym membership for up to 3 months whilst heading home for the summer, meaning no need to cancel!

  • Membership prices from as low as £19.99 per month with no contract

  • JD Gyms PLUS+ membership offering access to almost all JD Gyms throughout the UK

  • Inductions are non-compulsory, meaning you’re free to start using the gym immediately after joining


5. Council-owned gyms

It’s always worth checking out your local leisure centre, as these council-owned facilities typically offer some of the cheapest gym memberships and plenty of activities to try out.

From swimming to fitness classes and sports groups, leisure centres offer it all and have a great community feel. 

How much is the average gym membership UK?

In the UK, the average monthly cost of a gym membership is around £40, however this does depend on location, amenities offered and the membership type.

squats in the gym

Save money on health and fitness with TOTUM

Whether you decide to sign up for a gym membership or not, remember you can make major savings on all things health and fitness with TOTUM.

From supplements and activewear to protein shakes and NHS-backed weight loss programmes, you can enjoy discounts on it all with your TOTUM membership.

Some of our top health and fitness offers include:

And why not check out our other guides on health and fitness:

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