Co-op Is NowSelling 3 TypesOf Creme Egg IceCreamCo-op Is Now Selling 3Types Of Creme Egg IceCream

Ben HaywardFebruary 8th

In absolutely great news for fans of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, the Co-op are selling three types of ice cream featuring your favourite treat - and they’re really cheap!

For just £1.50 each, you can take your pick from mini cone-style ones coated in chocolate and filled with classic Creme Egg fondanty goo, a choc-ice version with a gooey centre or a whole tub that has loads of little bits of chocolate and, of course, delicious gooey bits.

I’ll take all three please…

If it’s the mini cones that are tickling your fancy, you better hurry as they’re exclusively on sale at the Co-op for now.

Prices are expected to rise after March 5th, so if you feel like you’re going to get through a few of them it could be worth buying a few and popping them in the freezer for a rainy day, just saying.

In other Creme Egg news, as part of the 2019 'Hunt The White Creme Egg’ campaign, Creme Egg teamed up with to offer a night in this uniquely odd hotel suite. offered the listing for an eggcellent £9.99 for a one-night-only basis and the only clue to its mysterious whereabouts was that the room was located somewhere in central London…

As well, as your deliciously decorated yellow bedroom with a gigantic purple bed, you also got a dining room with red seats and an egg-shaped booth to sit and eat your - presumably eggy - dinner. Oh, and the stylish looking en-suite bathroom replete with a large number of yellow rubber duckies.

On top of the fabulous decor, there were also hundreds of Creme Eggs stuffed into all the drawers, cupboards and every conceivable nook and cranny you can imagine.

But, the real kicker - secreted somewhere in the chocolatey wonderland was a single white Creme Egg which, according to some reports, is worth £10,000.

But, if the hotel isn’t your thing - but Creme Eggs are - there are loads of white eggs to be found and cash prizes to be won. In fact there are still about 800 hidden about the UK somewhere, you've just got to find them…

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