Fans Leave Download Festival Before It Started Due To 'Biblical' Rain And Mud

Ben HaywardJune 13th

There’s nothing quite like the good old British summertime for the perfect festival experience is there?

Hordes of unfortunate festival-goers have been forced to abandon Download festival before it’s even hit its stride after the whole site was transformed into a giant mud bath following downpours of ‘biblical’ proportions.

Having spent the best part of £200 on a ticket, many have been left with little choice but to pack up and head for dry land after the festival at Donington Park in Leicestershire was subjected to what can only be described as ‘disgraceful’ weather.


Not everyone has succumbed though, with thousands of hardy types remaining on site to dub the festival 'Drownload' or ‘Brownload’. You have to laugh. 

Speaking to the Metro, Samantha Gibben said: "We had a perfectly watertight tent. Nothing was leaking.

“But we left because of the mud. It's that bad less than a day in. I'll never survive. My hips were dislocating from slipping on the mud as we walked in even with wellies. I can't handle it."

Someone else revealed they’d spent over £600 in total for their festival experience, only to pack it in as a result of the horrendous weather.

Screenshot 2019-06-14 at 15.06.11

They said: "We travelled home last night, got in at 4am... gutted is an understatement for how I feel about leaving.

"We couldn't have afforded a hotel, we couldn't afford to drive home and then back up today.

"We wanted to save ourselves, our clothes, our belongings before they got drenched and ruined. We only had a single skin tent (our fault completely) which honestly didn't help but I've seen that even double skin tents have been having issues."

Screenshot 2019-06-14 at 15.07.27

Download Festival themselves tweeted: "Amazing that all of you got in and set up despite the Biblical rain we had! ‘No one is tougher than you guys."

Here’s hoping the weather clears up for you guys! 

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