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Ben HaywardSeptember 6th

As everyone heads back to university, and the winter weather begins to set in - all against the backdrop of Covid-19 - it’s more important than ever to look after ourselves. 

With everything going on it’s essential that we give our immune systems the best chance possible to do their jobs - and there’s loads of stuff we can do to give them a bit of extra support. 

So, to help out, TOTUM has teamed up with Boots to provide you with all the information (and student discounts) you need to make sure you’re operating at peak you for the new uni year!


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From simple changes in our lifestyle and diet, to giving ourselves a boost with vitamin and mineral supplements, here’s what you can do to get your immune system running effectively...

You’re probably bored of hearing it but… Wash your hands! 


Let’s face it, it should be second nature by now really shouldn’t it? 

Washing your hands regularly and properly, especially before eating or touching your mouth, eyes or face is probably the most simple and cost effective way of reducing the spread of germs and protecting your immune system. It’s not hard is it?

Of course Boots have loads of different hand soaps for you to choose from, meaning you can go as fancy as you like - you're going to be doing it a lot, so may as well make it as enjoyable as possible!

You are what you eat… 


A healthy, balanced diet, is crucial to supporting a healthy immune system. We’re talking fruit and veg here guys - so the wider the variety of different fruits and vegetables you eat the more and varied the nutrients you take on board will be.

Citrus fruits, garlic, ginger, spinach, shellfish, broccoli and nuts are all packed with goodness, but if you want to know which ‘superfoods’ will give you a real boost you can find out more here

And while we’re talking diet… 

Vitamins and Supplements


If you feel like you’re not quite getting everything you need, adding multivitamin and mineral supplements to your diet could be a good idea.

Vitamin C is super important for your immune system, and since it can’t be stored in the body, regular intake is important for supporting a healthy immune system.

Boots have a whole range of different vitamin C products for you to pick from - all you have to do is choose the one that’s right for you!

Another biggy in maintaining a healthy immune system is Vitamin D

According to government advice it’s actually pretty difficult to get the required levels in the UK - due to our famously low sunshine levels - so it’s recommended that most adults take a vitamin D supplement.

Around 10ug a day in the autumn and winter months is what’s suggested , and it just so happens that Boots also have a really good range of vitamin D supplements to help you get the right levels through the tough winter months… 

Exercise those demons…  


Exercising regularly can give a little boost to your immune system - and it doesn’t have to be anything lung-busting either!

Moderate exercise such as walking, cycling or yoga a few times a week should help your body keep up its defences - as well as the numerous other physical and mental health benefits of regular exercise of course!

Don't stress the small stuff...  


Okay, so this one is easier said than done right?

We all experience stress at some point, but if you let it go unchecked, prolonged stress can have a whole host of unexpected negative health effects. But, learning to take control of your stress has been shown to have a positive impact on your immune system.

When you find yourself in a stressful situation, a five minute break with some focus on your breathing can work wonders, while aiming to relax for at least half an hour each night by reading, having a bath, listening to a podcast, knitting, building a 40cm tall replica of the Taj Mahal - whatever works for you - will help restore your calm.

Boots have loads of great products to help you unwind (not the Taj Mahal though) from soothing face masks to super relaxing bath products, to mindfulness sets to help not only banish that stress but also prepare your body for…

A good night’s sleep…


Research has shown that a shortage of sleep can negatively affect your immune system and increase your chances of getting ill, so despite the various temptations that abound at this time of year make sure that you set aside some recovery time too.

Try to give yourself some time to unwind before hitting the hay, and try to avoid looking at your phone or laptop when you're getting ready for bed too. If you do struggle to get to sleep, Boots have loads of products to help you catch those all important Z's!

Party hard, sleep harder! 

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