Abigail MeadowOctober 9th

Halloween is an excellent excuse to have a party. You can gather all of your friends and have a dreadfully good evening.

However, all that fun can also cause a little bit of harm to the environment if precautions aren't put in place.

So, with the help of Sustainability Project Manager from the National Union of Students, Rachel Soper (what a ledge!) we've come up with some eco-friendly ways to have fun this Halloween while still taking care of the environment.

If you do happen to get lost anywhere along the way, stop, take a breath and just think to yourself - WWGD (What would Greta do?)

Recycle & Reuse

If you're gonna host a rager of a party you better get that responsible head of yours on and learn quickly what you can and can't recycle. Cans and bottles can usually all be put in the recycling but it's best to check what can and can't be put in the green or brown bins.

Rachel said: "Parties can be damaging for the environment as they often have a lot of single use, disposable items.

"For Halloween especially, people often buy special decorated disposable plates, bowls, cups and will often have disposable cutlery as well. "All of this is unlikely to be recyclable, and will just go straight in the bin. If you’re serving food and drinks, try and use reusable crockery, glassware and cutlery."

Costumes & Decorations

This is your opportunity to get your creative juices flowing! While buying a costume online is quick and easy, fast fashion is a huge contributer to pollution due to rapid production levels and the fact that a lot of clothes end up in landfills with chemical dyes seeping into the gound! Talk about freaky!

Rachel said: "Decorations and costumes are often bought cheaply and thrown away after Halloween is over, leading to lots of waste which again is unlikely to be recyclable.

"In halls especially, there is limited storage space (compared to what you might have in a family home) and all this will normally get thrown away, especially as it is available very cheaply. "The best thing to do is make your own decorations or costumes out of things you already own, or things that would otherwise go in the bin. If you really have to buy new decorative items try and invest in stuff that you can store and use again in the future."


It goes without saying that food packaging can be unnecessary, and now many retailers accross the UK have started making moves to remove plastic packaging from their isles, replacing them with more eco-friendly alternatives.

But Halloween is a big time for sweeties and chocolate which can sometimes be hard to avoid, so Rachel reccommends trying a more ethical approach!

She said: "For the food itself, see if you can make your own treats instead of buying food with lots of excess packaging.

"You can also look to purchase fair-trade, organic or vegan foods to make your treats more ethical."

And not to forget about... PUMPKINS

Pumpkin picking and carving is a huge tradition for families and friends all over the world, but pumpkin carving is extremely wasteful. According to the annual #PumpkinRescue campaign, the UK throws away 18,000 tonnes of pumpkin each year! That's a whole lot of potential food being thrown away for nothing!

Rachel gave some tasty advice: "Pumpkin carving is one of the most wasteful things we do at Halloween as many people will just throw away the pulp.

"There are loads of delicious pumpkin recipes, from soups, to salads to pasta sauce!

"So look up some recipes and save up the pumpkin flesh for a tasty meal instead of throwing it away! You can even roast the seeds to use as salad topping or a high protein snack."

So this Halloween, make your celebrations, as fun, frightening, and eco-friendly as you can. With a little effort, you can make your October 31st one of the most green yet!

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