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How to makethose resolutions stick!

Emily CoatesJanuary 9th

If you struggle to stick with your resolutions each year, it’s probably because they’re unrealistic or non-specific. Goals are much easier to work towards when you have a clear idea of what you need to do. You have a decent chance of achieving because you’ll be able to see yourself getting closer and closer to your final goal.

So if your goal is to exercise more, maybe try defining it a little differently - for example, being able to run a certain distance or lift a certain amount of weights - as this gives you a clear thing to work towards rather than a general idea of what you want to do.

Plan for progress

It’s a good idea to put together a practical plan of how you will achieve your goal as it’s often daunting to take on a habit that will change your lifestyle. Some people find it best to ease themselves into their resolution - it’s much easier to start going to the gym once a week than it is to jump straight into exercising every day - although you can always dive right in if you feel like it!

Depending on your resolution, there may be people who can help you to put together a strategy, but if there isn’t you can always look online and see if anyone has any advice to share. Having an easy-to-follow plan can really help to keep those motivation levels up as it gives you a simple way to tackle a potentially difficult task which you might otherwise be tempted to give up on.

What January Slump?

Avoid dips in motivation by setting little milestones for yourself along the way to your goal. Don’t forget to reward yourself when you reach them! These rewards should be something that you enjoy but if your goal is to eat healthier then it’s probably best that you don’t reward yourself with a giant bar of chocolate.

You’re much more likely to keep something up if you can see yourself making progress, especially if you’re working towards something that doesn’t always give instant results such as healthy eating.

Track that trend

Personally, I like to make a note of my progress in a planner or notebook when I’m working towards something so that I can see how far I’ve come in a clear way whenever I’m feeling unmotivated. There are many ways of doing this - some people use full-on fitness and diet trackers, others prefer to just use tick boxes or a meter that they fill in as they make progress. If you’re not someone who likes to journal, you could even just make a note on your phone whenever you hit a new goal or personal best.

The start of a new year is the perfect opportunity to get a head start on the new hobbies and habits that you’ve been wanting to try for ages, but it’s important that you don’t lose that initial burst of motivation. Be realistic, track your progress and reward yourself as you go - you’ll find yourself hitting your goal before you know it!

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