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Holly BarrowMarch 22nd

If you’re feeling the pinch at the moment, you may be wondering how to save money on your bills and essentials, whether that’s your energy bill, phone bill, broadband, or your weekly grocery shop.

You’ll be pleased to hear that, with your TOTUM membership, you can make major savings on everything from study essentials to travel, saving you on average up to £85 per month! 

This is a whopping £1,020 over the course of the year, so it’s well worth investing just in a TOTUM membership to take full advantage of these incredible savings.

So, let’s cut to the chase - how can TOTUM help you to save money on bills and essentials?


How to save money on bills

1. Broadband 

It goes without saying that broadband is a must in this day and age, particularly for students at university who will need the internet to carry out research for essays, submit assignments online and access recorded lectures when revising. But how can you cut back on your monthly broadband bill?

For UK households, the average broadband cost is approximately just over £30 per month, but with TOTUM you can make incredible savings on your broadband bill with the likes of Three. 

You’ll get 3 months FREE broadband when you get Three’s 5G broadband hub via TOTUM, which means you’ll instantly save around £90 in total on your broadband bill for those three months. 

You’ll then pay just £20 a month from month four, which again means you’ll be making a monthly saving of at least £10 when compared to average UK broadband costs. 


2. Phone bill 

Sick of forking out an extortionate amount each month on your phone bill? If your current contract is due to come to an end and you’re on the lookout for a cheaper alternative, you can make huge savings with Mobile Phones Direct and Affordable Mobiles

The current average mobile phone bill in the UK is £38.22 a month according to Ofcom, however this is set to rise in April due to inflation. 

With your TOTUM membership, you can access the best phone deals, whether that’s an Apple iPhone 13 with 100GB data for just £39 upfront and £35 per month, or the Samsung Galaxy A53 128GB with 9GB data, unlimited minutes and texts for just £18 per month

This means you could make savings of up to £20 or more if your current phone bill is above the average. 

Even better, if you keep your current handset and opt for a SIM only deal instead, you can get a no contract SIM only plan with flexible data from just £6 per month with giffgaff


3. Energy bill 

The average gas and electric bill in the UK for a ‘medium’ sized household (3-4 bedrooms) is currently £2,499.95 per year according to Uswitch, so it’s no wonder people are trying everything they possibly can to reduce their energy usage

This works out at around £208 per month (per household, not per person), so in a household of four you may be contributing around £52 per month to your energy bill. 

To help reduce these costs, you can switch energy providers as encouraged by Uswitch, saving an average of £216* per year on your dual fuel energy bill. You’ll also receive a £20 Amazon gift voucher when you switch to a dual fuel plan via TOTUM


How to save money on groceries 

Aside from bills, you may be wondering how else can you save money on monthly essentials with TOTUM. 

For starters, you can significantly reduce your grocery shop expenses thanks to your exclusive Co-op student discount.

You’ll get 10% off when you shop in-store at Co-op with your TOTUM card and Co-op Membership Card, which can result in big savings on your weekly food shop. 

On average, students spend £116 per month on groceries - so you can easily save over £11 per month with your 10% Co-op discount. 


How to save money on train tickets and other transport 

If you have to commute to and from university or you frequently travel home to visit friends and family, you’ll know just how quickly transport costs can add up. 

Students spend around £54 per month on transport, but with TOTUM you can make fantastic savings on both train and coach travel. 

Save a third on rail travel with a 16-25 Railcard and get 15% off coach travel when you book online with National Express

That’s savings of around £20 per month! 

London Underground Tube Train

How to save money on textbooks and course materials 

If there’s one thing students *hate* to spend money on, it’s study essentials. 

It’s no fun forking out on textbooks each semester, but with TOTUM you can easily cut back on these costs. 

Students spend an average of £17 per month on study essentials - whether that’s on new stationary or course materials. 

But did you know you can get 10% off university textbooks at Pearson, 15% student discount with Routledge and 25% off your first 4 months with Perlego, making it easier and cheaper than ever to access the textbooks and research papers you need. 


How to save money on supplements and toiletries 

Finally, prioritising your health is key – from general wellbeing to personal hygiene. 

Students spend roughly £20 on health and wellbeing each month, but this can again be reduced with TOTUM. 

Whether you’re stocking up on vitamins and minerals or your favourite toiletries, make the most of 10% student discount at Boots, saving you at least a couple of quid on your monthly restock. 


Remember, we’re not just here to help you save on your monthly bills and essentials too. With your TOTUM membership, you can save on everything from dining out and cinema tickets to clothes, beauty and the latest tech!

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