Kellogg's Have Just Released White Chocolate Coco Pops

Eric BlairJune 17th

Purveyors of fine breakfasts, Kellogg’s, have released their newest addition to the cereal canon, white chocolate Coco Pops.

Coming in at £2.99 a box, according to Kellogg’s the new product has 30% less sugar on average than other chocolate flavoured toasted rice cereals and contains no artificial colourings or flavourings. 

Speaking to the Mirror, Sara Ashley, a Kellogg's food technician at the Manchester cereal factory, said the company were actually inspired to develop a prototype by fans.


She said: “We knew fans were asking for it so we developed a prototype, which uses three basic ingredients, and tried it out with Kellogg's staff who loved it.”

Katy Bailey, brand manager for Kellogg's Coco Pops said: “We wanted to see if it was possible to create a white chocolate Coco Pops that tastes as good as the original.

“Our food developers have succeeded and for the first time in the cereal's 59 year history, a white chocolate version will hit the shops.”

Kellogg's has also introduced a new character called Nula the Narwhale to its adverts, who turns the traditional chocolate treats into the white alternative.


And it seems like the new treat is already a mighty hit with fans, with dozens of people taking to social media to sing its praises.

One person said: “White chocolate coco pops HELLO,” while others added that the cereal was 'soooo class’.

Another tweeted: “The new white chocolate coco pops are a game changer where can I get them.”

While another person wrote: “White chocolate coco pops are going to be the next best thing since sliced bread.”

That’s good enough to have me convinced! 

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