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Matthew CollinsAugust 10th

Life has been a little bit weird recently, right? And we’ve all had to get used to living a different way. But it’s not going to be like this forever!

When our friends over at NCS had to repurpose their summer programme because of the Coronavirus pandemic, they wanted to do something to show how young people are feeling now, and what their hopes for the future, and the new normal, are.

They reached out to young people and asked a series of questions about them, their families and their communities during lockdown.

They asked for their thoughts on any challenges that came their way and how they overcame them. They wanted to know about happy memories, who they missed the most, the first thing they’ll do when they’re reunited, what their hopes are for the future, what changes their going to make, and what they’re most excited for when lockdown ends.

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One NCS Grad, Ellie, said: “Whilst it’s been hard being stuck in the same house for weeks on end, it’s taught me to be grateful for those around me during these unprecedented times. I hope that we can continue supporting each other, as well as those that are currently doing an amazing job at keeping this country together.”

Another graduate, Tanishaa, thought about the planet: "After seeing the difference lockdown has made to the climate, e.g. reducing pollution levels, [I hope] people will take time to think and learn about the impacts their everyday actions have on the planet as well as taking stronger measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

"As we start to ease out of lockdown, I hope that the government will prioritise the climate crisis when making decisions.”

Once all the answers were submitted, NCS teamed up with former Young People’s Laureate for London and acclaimed poet, Caleb Femi - who has been featured in the Dazed100 list of the next generation shaping youth culture, and has worked with Kano, the Tate Modern and the BFI to name a few - who turned them into a poem, and then a film, called Life After Lockdown.

Watch Life After Lockdown:

Talking about the film, Caleb said: “The work follows a stream of consciousness mirroring the optimism of our youth - hopes and dreams unscathed by outside influences.

"Submissions from young people were interwoven to highlight their truths, their resilience and an imagination that can envision and create a new tomorrow. They acknowledge the past but are resolute in changing a shared future.”

If you’re looking for a way to get involved with NCS this summer, why not check out Keep Doing Good and pledge to donate some of your time to volunteering and social action projects that will help rebuild your local community as lockdown starts to lift.

Because as the country starts to open up again, everyone - from national organisations to local food banks, charities to corner shops, your neighbours to care homes - is going to need a little more help. 

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