McDonald's Is Bringing Back Maltesers And Smarties McFlurries

Ben HaywardJune 19th

To try and kick a bit of life into this summer, McDonald’s have announced that they are bringing back their classic Oreo, Smarties and Maltesers McFlurries.

Announcing the news to fans on Twitter by asking which flavour they're most excited about, the fast food chain have instantly brightened up the days of ice cream fans across the country.

One eager beaver wrote: "I FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT THIS BRING BACK SMARTIES," to which the official McDonald's account responded: "Oh, we are…"

Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 09.33.50

Another fan commented: "Don't make me pick between Maltesers and Smarties..."

The McDonald's Twitter poll currently has the best part of 30,000 votes (McFlurries are a passionate subject) and at the time of writing, Maltesers is sitting pretty with 50% of the vote, Smarties is in second with 26% and Oreo is hot on its heels 24%.

McDonald’s will be changing up the McFlurry menu on June 26th, which has caused some people to break out in cold sweats regarding what this means for the current ice cream line up… 

One person questioned: "Wait. Does this mean no more Crunchie or Dairy Milk or are they still a thing too?"


Another added: "Wait! Does this mean Crunchie is gone? Nooooooo!" with a third saying: "If they touch the Crunchie one we riot." Yep, my thoughts exactly…

In other great McDonald’s news, the chain are currently trialling an extension of their breakfast hours. My hangover thanks you in advance. 

The trial is taking place across seven restaurants and began back on June 12th. Unfortunately it’s only an extra 30 minutes (until 11am).


The test will last for six weeks, giving us time to cram in as many post-10.30am, pre-11am breakfasts as possible to convince the high-ups that the extra time is worth making a permanent fixture.

There is one small snag however - all seven of the restaurants involved in the trial are on the south coast in the Portsmouth and Isle of Wight areas. So, without wanting to pile too much pressure on the population of that area, this is in your hands guys. 

The full list of restaurants who are trialling the new hours is: Ocean Retail Park, Fratton Park, North Harbour, Cosham and Commercial Road in Portsmouth, and the Ryde and Newport stores on Isle of Wight.

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