McDonald's IsTrialling AnExtension Of ItsBreakfast HoursMcDonald's Is Trialling AnExtension Of Its BreakfastHours

Ben HaywardJune 11th

As the old adverts used to say, ‘there’s nothing quite like a McDonald’s’ (breakfast for sorting out that treacherous hangover). 

But, let’s be honest with ourselves here, when the scale of your hangover is such that nothing but a Bacon & Egg McMuffin and a hash brown will sort you out, the chances are that 10.30 in the morning is not a time you want to be seeing.

But that could all be about to change, as starting today (June 12th) seven of McDonald’s restaurants are trialling serving the breakfast menu until… 11am - a little disappointing admittedly.

However, that extra 30 minutes is not to be sniffed at, as I for one am hoping it could be the first step towards the promised land of a McDonald’s all-day-breakfast. 

The test will last for six weeks, giving us time to cram in as many post-10.30am, pre-11am breakfasts as possible to convince the high-ups that the extra time is worth making a permanent fixture.

There is one small snag however - all seven of the restaurants involved in the trial are on the south coast in the Portsmouth and Isle of Wight areas. So, without wanting to pile too much pressure on the population of that area, this is in your hands guys. 

Customers using Uber Eats to get their morning McMuffin will be familiar with the even stricter deadline of 10.15am, which, if the trial period is a success, will be extended to 10.45am.

The full list of restaurants who are trialling the new hours is: Ocean Retail Park, Fratton Park, North Harbour, Cosham and Commercial Road in Portsmouth, and the Ryde and Newport stores on Isle of Wight.

This one’s on you guys.

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