NASA Will Pay You £14k To Stay In Bed For 60 Days

Ben HaywardMarch 26th

Yep, you read that right, NASA is offering you the chance to earn £14,000 for merely lying in bed for a couple of months.

‘But why?’ I metaphorically hear you ask. Well, the US space agency is partnering up with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) to conduct a study into the effects of weightlessness on the human body.

The Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study is looking for healthy female recruits aged between 24 and 55 in order to carry out their research.


The programme takes in five days of familiarisation, 60 days of bed rest and then 14 days of rest and astronaut rehab - in order to get you back in shape and ready for normal life.

So what exactly goes on? Those selected will be housed in a single room - maintained at a constant temperature - and, for the 60 day period of lying down, everything is done while horizontal: eating, showering, going to the loo - you get the idea.

To counteract the effects, participants will spend half an hour a day in a 'human centrifuge', which 'generates artificial gravity and distributes body fluids back into the body', according to the study's page.

All sounding good so far, well, don’t be expecting to take a goody bag full of your favourite snacks in with you as NASA will be feeding you with a ‘standardised’ diet To ensure you get all the ‘fluids and nutrients’ you need. Yum.


The study page says: “An in-house team of nutritionists takes care of the diet of the subjects. You put the individual amount of food on the gram exactly, so you do not gain weight and are supplied with everything that the body needs.

"The meals are not 'extra healthy' - there are sometimes pancakes or sweets - but it is for example cooked without additives or artificial sweeteners.”

If it’s the looming threat of intense boredom that’s putting you off, NASA have got that covered too. The planners suggest you could use your spare time to take part in an online-course or learn a new skill, although it’s unclear whether Netflix is provided at the moment…

The study starts in September, with a number of follow up examinations, at the German Aerospace Centre in Cologne.

Interested? Apply here!



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