One Third Of Brits Admit They've Cancelled Plans Just To Watch TV

Ben HaywardJune 10th

We’ve all heard of FOMO, but it seems like more and more Brits are now experiencing JOMO - the Joy of Missing out!

Looking into the nation’s love of TV, research commissioned by TV streaming platform company Roku® has revealed that far from longing to be out in the big wide world, one third of people would much rather be tucked up on their sofa in front of a box-set.

And do people feel bad for taking the time for themselves? Hell no! In fact, when questioned, ‘happy’ and ‘relieved’ were among the top emotions people say they feel after ditching plans with friends to spend some time in front of the telly. 


However, it seems that when it comes to giving their reasons for bailing in person, people aren’t quite so upfront about things… 

When it actually comes down to cancelling plans over half (53%) of those surveyed use ‘I'm feeling really sick, so I can't make it’ as their go-to excuse. Come on we’ve all been there… 

But having a night in doesn’t necessarily mean being on your own. In fact, almost a third (29%) of Brits who cancelled plans to watch TV revealed they’d be spending that time snuggling up to their partners.


However, being single doesn’t mean you’re always up for a night out. 41% of singletons who have cancelled plans have opted for the TV over social plans

Clive Hudson, vice president of sales at Roku says: “Many of us have experienced FOMO, but JOMO is the positive trend that can help us claim back some much-needed downtime with our friends and family, be that gathered to stream the latest episode of Game of Thrones or simply having dinner together at home.”

So, once that excuse has been sent out and you’ve got that remote at the ready, what exactly do people want to watch? 


Well, if you identify as male, it seems you’re more than likely cancelling on a Saturday to stream your favourite action film, with a third agreeing it’s their genre of choice. And, 27% of those admit they’d be enjoying a tasty slice of pizza alongside it!

You’re also twice as likely than those who identify as female to use your partner as your scapegoat and nearly three times more likely to use a ‘lost’ possession as an excuse to get out of commitments.

If you identify as female, your #rokunightin could be quite a bit different. You’re likely to cancel your Friday night plans to stream a show or film in the drama genre (42%) with either your favourite chocolate (32%) or crisps (35%). 

So, follow your heart, get under that blanket and embrace the JOMO! 

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