Piers Morgan ApologisesForNot DyingAfter Being RushedTo Hospital

Ben HaywardJanuary 11th

Piers Morgan has apologised for ‘not dying after being rushed to hospital. The stricken tv presenter shared a selfie from his hospital bed after suffering a ‘mystery medical emergency’.

53-year-old Morgan shared the picture of him lying in bed with a tube hooked up to his nose on Instagram along with a quip about his health crisis.

He wrote: "Bad news: I’m not dying. I can only apologise for all the distress I know this will cause some people."

He hasn’t revealed any more details about what led to his hospital visit but his fans have taken to social media to wish him a speedy recovery.

"Hope you're back up soon matey," said one, while another added: "Hope you get better soon don't like my morning coffee without Piers Morgan."

"We just can't have a good morning on Monday without you! Here's to a speedy recovery Piers," echoed another of his fans.

But of course many fans couldn't help but ask Morgan whether it was his recent encounter with a vegan sausage roll that was to blame for his sudden health problem.

Piers is yet to respond but you can bet your bottom dollar he'll turn it to his advantage...

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