Seven Best Mates Buy Mansion So They Can All Grow Old Together

Eric BlairJuly 7th

In today’s most wholesome news, a group of seven best friends have pooled their resources and bought a mansion so they can all grow old together.

Apparently the idea started out as a joke, but when the group spotted the luxury home in need of a little updating in the suburbs of Guangzhou, China, they decided tomato their dream a reality.

The friends then spent four million yuan (about £460,000) buying and doing the place up and to be fair it looks like it would be worth a whole lot more than what they’ve spent, featuring enormous floor-to-ceiling windows and its very own swimming pool!


On top of that, the mansion has large impressive gardens and the ladies, - who are apparently big fans of tea - have added their own 'tea pavilion’, to the impressive property so they can all enjoy a loverly brew in their new surroundings.

Speaking to Yitiao one of the women, Jin Du ,said: "At first it was just a joke. We said we would get together when we were 60 and live retired life together.”

All in their thirties, the ladies have been best mates since they met at work years ago. Their plan is to move into the swanky pad full time once their kids have grown up and left home and they’re all old enough to retire.


Jin Du added: “We'll cook, have barbecues in the fields, sing and collect food from the village.”

To make sure that everything runs smoothly, the group have also promised to each learn a 'useful new skill' such a growing vegetables or DIY to make their retirement as worry-free as possible.

Jin said: "We're all independent individuals but we can communicate and rely on each other at the same time."


After a video of their delightful new home was shared on the Yitiao YouTube account, hundreds of eager people commented saying what a great idea it is   and how they’re now planning on getting their very own retirement property with their buddies!

Very brave if you ask me… 

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